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We start as syndication partners and help you grow until we can facilitate an exit. Unlike anyone you syndicate with we provide:


Expert Underwriting Standards

From Moody’s to Standard & Poor, ARP Equity group is encompassing the best minds in the industry.

Risk Management

We help our clients lower rates for the borrower, as well as transforming their “D to A grade paper” – the proverbial “water into wine” effect.

Structured Growth and Scalability

Structuring a roadmap for your company with a milestone based pathway to institutional ascendancy.

Exit Strategies

Compelling bankability for sale in the private equity space. After a NDA agreement is signed we can discuss over half a billion dollars in successful exits in the MCA Space.
We help balance sheet lenders get their act

together before they talk to investors.

Investing is a Science

Our mission is to provide strategic asset allocation with the sole purpose of creating a sustained, durable, economic advantage for our participating members and clients. We endeavor to ensure our clients meet the most rigorous of standards while also instituting core competencies and best practices from our initial engagement. Under the guidance and tutelage of our management team we present our clients with a clear pathway towards incremental and measured growth, ushering in an elevated level of success and value, unparalleled industry wide. Our methodology is the result of continual refinement of real world analytics rendered from past client performance. In earnest, our zealous adherence to sound, principled and prudent practices and standards speaks for itself – producing the type of results that lead our clients to ascend to new institutional heights and appraisal.

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